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Who are the Igbo?

The Igbo are an ethnic group native to southeastern Nigeria, where they constitute one of the largest and most influential groups. The Igbo are known for their strong sense of community and their rich cultural traditions, which include a complex system of social and political organization, a rich oral tradition, and a diverse range of artistic and musical practices.

The Igbo are predominantly Christian, although traditional Igbo religious beliefs and practices continue to be an important part of Igbo culture. The Igbo language is a tonal language belonging to the Niger-Congo family, and it is spoken by millions of people in Nigeria and beyond.

The Igbo have a long history of resistance to colonial rule and have played a significant role in the political and social development of Nigeria. In recent years, the Igbo have been active in promoting their cultural and political rights and have been at the forefront of efforts to address issues of inequality and social justice in Nigeria.

Overall, the Igbo are a diverse and dynamic people with a rich cultural heritage and a proud history of resistance and resilience.

Explore the history, art, music, and religious practices of this vibrant East African culture, and learn about contemporary Igbo society. Discover resources and services that connect you to the Igbo community, including language learning materials and information about cultural events.

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Last updated on May 23, 2023